[Sca-cooks] A request for sources on Khazar, or Caspian Sea foods in the 7th through 11th C

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Welcome back to the list, Your Excellency (he was given his court barony at
Pennsic!!).  Some of you may remember him by his former name, Muirghen
Ruadh...which he has now changed, along with his persona, to Khadir bar


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> Greetings to the list,
> I did a search to see if this has come up and it has not yet.  I am
> researching my persona which is Khazar, 9th C and looking for
> appropriate foods of the region.  The Khazars resided in the Steppes
> region around the Caspian sea to Kiev.  Their influence included the
> Magyars, Huns, pre-Kievan Rus, Bulgars and were distant relatives of the
> Mongols, Semitic Jews and were considered to be a Turkic people.
> Religiously, they were Shamanists, Muslim, Christian and Jew and they
> generally lived within their Kagantate in a tolerant  peace.
> If you have sources I can investigate (preferably translated) please let
> me know.  If you have recipes from this region, that would be great, I
> would like to do the redactions.  (I will happily take redacted as well)
> So far I have found little that can be documented to the region.
> Thanks
> Khadir bar Yosef
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