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I second Kiri's comments. If you do get a copy of this handout, if  
you could get the author to send me a copy of the handout in  
electronic form I will consider adding it to the Florilegium if it is  
complete enough to stand alone without the actual class.

This goes for any of you that wrote up handouts for Pennsic (or other  
events) or who can convince their authors to send them to me n  
electronic form. My standard policy is that the copyright remains  
with the author and I will update or replace an article at any time,  
which means a handout can get replaced with a more polished article  
later. In the meantime folks across the Known World can be using and  
learning from the information gathered for the class.

I am, for instance, currently working on Mistress Jadwiga's "Making  
Medieval Style Scented Oils & Waters" at this time.

Jibril, while you are looking for this handout, there are some files  
in the FOOD-SWEETS section of the Florilegium which do have some  
recipes and redactions for medieval Middle Eastern sweets, such as:
Andlsn-Pstres-art (20K) 11/24/01    "Andalusian Pastries" by Dinah  
bint Ismai'l.
    (Not exactly Middle Eastern, but often similar)
baklava-msg       (55K)  3/27/05    Period baklava-like layered  
hais-msg          (18K)  1/11/06    A medieval, Middle East sweet  
made of dates,
                                        bread crumbs, ground nuts,  
and sugar.
desserts-msg     (136K)  1/11/06    Medieval and SCA dessert recipes.  
mamouls-msg       (20K)  1/ 9/02    A Middle Eastern date/nut/dried  
fruit filled
                                        cookie embossed with patterns.
pastries-msg     (156K) 11/19/05    Medieval pastries. Recipes.

In the FOOD-BY-REGION section:
E-Arab-recip-art  (48K)  3/23/03    Early Arab recipes prior to the  
13th Century
                                        by Anahita.
ME-revel-fds-art  (59K) 10/22/04    Medieval Middle Eastern foods  
suitable for a
                                        revel or buffet w. recipes by  


If you should locate the handout, it would be wonderful if you (or she)
could make it available to all of us.


On 8/27/07, Cennet Bahcesi <cennet.bahcesi.coffeehouse at gmail.com> wrote:

> During Pennsic, a lady who's name unfortunately escapes me, taught  
> a class
> at
> Your Inner Vagabond on period Middle Eastern desserts. Due to the  
> slightly
> wet
> weather of the event, my handout got ruined. I had hoped that maybe  
> she
> would
> be on this list and be able to email me the handout....or that  
> somebody on
> this
> list might have access to her and/or the handout.
> Thanks
> Jibril / Brad
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