[Sca-cooks] Help finding out-of-print sources

Sandragood at aol.com Sandragood at aol.com
Wed Aug 29 09:26:25 PDT 2007

I've been doing some research for an upcoming competition.  The entry  is 
based on a translated text from Epulario.  I'm trying to get my  documentation in 
order and am having trouble finding better than tertiary  (internet) sources. 
 I know this book was reprinted in 1990 but I am  having difficulty finding 
current information in my online searching.
The only online versions of the complete text I've been able to locate are  
through places like the EEOB that are only accessible through partnering  
libraries, which usually only include college libraries.  Not being a  student or 
an alumni is making it harder.
Do any of you have suggestions on my next step?

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