[Sca-cooks] Rataouille

Suey lordhunt at gmail.com
Wed Aug 29 19:10:26 PDT 2007

    Except for garum, as all seems to be getting out period of late I 
find it strange no one mentions Rataouille. We saw the movie in Paris - 
the perfect place. Its really fun to watch. I totally recommend it for a 
stress break. It takes your mind off everything with the action. It is 
so well done. We found yourselves cheering on a rat of all things! It 
reminded me of the days when our son was little at Punch and Judy shows 
and children's theatres when he would stand up and scream to the Goody 
to tell him where the Baddy was lurking. He was so cute so entirely 
wrapped up in the plot, so honest and such a good little boy.
    By the way although he did not know Rataouille then he is a gourmet 
cook today as a hobby and especially with pasta. Can anyone concoct 
period recipes from the movie? We are fascinated.
    Family ideas: French cuisine came from Italy - Italy came from Spain 
- Spain came from the Persians and others in the Middle East - they 
combined that from their trade routes, Greece and Rome - yeah I know if 
Walt Disney and Mom, a friend of his, were sitting on her porch today as 
yesterday they would kid us all saying no way all came from Rataouille!

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