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Here they are distinguished as being without  handles

See cassoulet info about mid way down. Here they are distinguised as pots to
be cooked in in front of the fire.
Thinking about cassoulets leads me to wonder if the word was a compound word
formed from
cass(something) plus oules
perhaps cassé since the food cassoulet has small proken pieces of food in
it.  Cassoulet is sort of the french version of a Stone Soup stew or
casserole.  Though I suppose it could come from the cassole pot.  Maybe
somebody with a good etomological dictionary could help here.

Here's an oule museum and they describe it as having a vase shape, but no
spout or handles.
L'oule est un vase globulaire en terre cuite, sans bec verseur et sans
On en a fabriqué ici, à Saint Bonnet les Oules, à Lapra, depuis l'époque
gallo-romaine !

Here they describe them with some surface texture to keep them from

Archological sites with mention:

In other places this shape of pot is  called ollas and are not glazed on the
inside or outside.  They are burried to their tops in dry areas in gardens.
Vegetables are planted around them.  The pots are filled with water, topped
with a lid, and water seeps slowly into the soil.  They work like a soaker
hose, but are even better in some ways is they avoid some of the surface

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