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>Sharon asked:
><<< Has anyone on the list ever made sugar from sugar cane or sugar
>beets?  How
>did it go?  >>>
>I've only seen pieces of sugar cane a few times in my life. I suspect
>the total length of what I've seen in the grocery store would only be
>a couple of feet. So where would you find raw sugar cane today? Other
>than perhaps flying to Hawaii?

Fly to the Philippines?  :)  Yeah, I know, not too helpful.

In the Philippines they grow quite a bit of sugarcane and there are 
some vendors who will take a water-buffalo cart full through the 
neighborhoods selling it by the foot.  The stalks were about 5 feet 
in length and about as big around as a fairly decent bit of sword sized rattan.

We never made sugar out of it since we were too busy extracting the 
sugar by the "chew on a bit then spit out the pulp" method.

The fresh stuff was fairly juicy, so you could probably get a fair 
amount of sugar-water from it and then reduce it to crystals.

Hmm, a trip to the Asian market might be in order.

Clark AFB, Philippines 78-87

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