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rattkitten rattkitten at hughes.net
Mon Jan 1 17:46:02 PST 2007

I have never tried to make it but down here in South Carolina I have 
seen sugar cane at the Flea Markets, as well as at some of the open air 
markets. (Farmers Markets)  I believe I also saw sugar can in Atlanta at 
the International Market. 
Ya know I have never even thought about making Sugar from the Cane.... 
but damn they sell it so I guess there must be a way right?  Hmmmm might 
just have to check that out on line to see how it is done.

Stefan li Rous wrote:
> Sharon asked:
> <<< Has anyone on the list ever made sugar from sugar cane or sugar  
> beets?  How
> did it go?  >>>
> I've only seen pieces of sugar cane a few times in my life. I suspect  
> the total length of what I've seen in the grocery store would only be  
> a couple of feet. So where would you find raw sugar cane today? Other  
> than perhaps flying to Hawaii?
> I did ask this same question here in the past few months, but got no  
> replies.
> I suspect that getting a useable amount of sugar from sugar beets  
> would be much more difficult at home than from starting with sugar cane.
> Perhaps this file, which talks about sugar production techniques in  
> Cyprus in the Middle Ages might be of interest:
> Cypriot-Sugr-art  (54K)  8/ 5/06    “From Cane To Kitchen: An  
> Investigation into
>                                         Medieval Processed Sugar” by  
> Gavan
>                                         MacBane. Sugar processing in  
> Cyprus.
> http://www.florilegium.org/files/FOOD-SWEETS/Cypriot-Sugr-art.html
> I do seem to remember that Gavan does describe his experiments at  
> recreating some of these processes at home.
> Stefan
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