[Sca-cooks] Thank you and 2 more questions....

Heleen Greenwald heleen at ptd.net
Mon Jan 1 20:36:14 PST 2007

Thank you for all the suggestions for red wine substitution. I ended  
up using veggie broth and all came out well. (I thought)  Next time I  
am in Wilkes Barre PA or Philadelphia I will get a few bottles of  
kosher to keep on hand.... which leads me to another question: How  
long does open wine keep?  (And don't say, like DH, that wine is  
already spoiled, so what could happen?)  Doesn't open wine get  
stale?  (I don't drink)...and I wonder if kosher wine comes in those  
vacuum pack boxes??  ...must investigate......  (OK that was 2  


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