[Sca-cooks] Buddha's Hand

K C Francis katiracook at hotmail.com
Tue Jan 2 14:33:46 PST 2007

Yeah, the first two were reruns from 2004 or so (notice that in the intro 
there are only 3 Iron Chefs).  I have taped the citrus show but caught a 
shot of the Buddha's Hand being sliced.


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>IIRC, the newest Iron Chef America (Battle Citrus) was shown on New Year's
>night.  (I guess it was Bobby Flay night as they had 3 Iron Chefs and 2
>Throwdowns back to back.)  It was Flay vs. Vincencz and they both used 
>Buddha's Hand,
>mostly in sauces.  As I said, there were 3 in a row last night, so it might
>have been a re-run from 2005, but I think the re-runs were Battle Buffalo &
>Battle Duck.  According to the Food Network site, F vs. V will replay at 9 
>p.m. on
>Thursday, Eastern Time, of course.
>Kids were busy screaming at the time, but I think, Alton Brown's commentary
>was that the peel was sweeter than the flesh.  The Chairman also paced and
>watched while carrying a Buddha's hand.
>A sus ordenes,
>Constanza Marina de Huelva

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