[Sca-cooks] Santa bring any cool cooking stuff?

Rob Downie rdownie at mts.net
Tue Jan 2 19:28:34 PST 2007

Michael Gunter wrote:

>Did Santa bring anything cool for Christmas?
>I got Elizabeth a Le Cruset soup pot with steel ladle and
>covered soup bowls.
>She got me a vaccuum FoodSaver! Woot!
>And then her folks gave me a meat grinding attachment
>for my Kitchenaid.
>I've been having fun with them.
>So....anything good for you guys?
Our biggest foodie related gift was a gift we bought for ourselves - a 
600 professional Kitchenaide mixer.  We also got some silicone bakeware 
from family, some fancy servingware, a hot chocolate frother with a 
selection of hot choclolate mixes, and a French coffee press.


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