[Sca-cooks] [Ocdlapond] Moving Radar in Speeding Stops

Mark Hendershott crimlaw at jeffnet.org
Tue Jan 2 20:42:15 PST 2007

Oops.  Meant for a different list obviously.

Simon Sinneghe aka Mark H

At 08:37 PM 1/2/2007, I wrote:
>My understanding of the way these things work (subject to being flat
>wrong) is that it determines speed by reference to the ground as well
>as the target vehicle and that any necessary calculations are done
>internally not depending on the officer.
>Mark Hendershott
>At 11:45 AM 1/2/2007, Kara wrote:
> >I feel dumb. Case is a speeding ticket where the officer paced the
> >client and used Radar to determine client's speed. I understand that
> >the officer is supposed to add the radar speed to his speed on his
> >speedometer. (I think)
> >
> >So isn't this fraught with problems? What if the officer's
> >speedometer is off? How do we know the officer was maintaining a
> >steady speed? Is there a certain distance that is necessary between
> >the officer's car and the car he's tracking? Does anyone have any
> >experience with this? My experience is only with a stationary cop.
> >
> >Thanks!
> >
> >-Kara
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