[Sca-cooks] Brangwayna's cool cooking stuff

Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
Wed Jan 3 01:23:45 PST 2007

Brangwayna mentioned:

<<< Not actually cooking stuff per se, but my hubby got me a pair of  
oven mitts
that have a neoprene grip pad.  They are guaranteed to 500 degrees and I
haven't felt even warmth through them, plus they make it very easy to  
hold onto
things. >>>

Do you mean silicone, or whatever the new material is that is showing  
up in a lot of cooking items, usually of a light color? Neoprene is  
usually black and it usually melts at a fairly low temperature. These  
do sound useful. Several of our kitchen mittens are scorched or have  
been burned until they have openings through them.

These also sound useful for those on this list who do things like  
diving into hot convection ovens. :-)

<<< Ordinarily I don't like the square oven mitts that you stick your
hand in - I prefer the mitten ones - but I can deal with  these very
easily. >>>

I like the mittens better myself. I think they give me better control.

<<< Of course, I got him a set of Lego salt  and pepper
shakers off the web site that got posted here a few weeks ago, and   
the ice cube trays that make Lego bricks, but those were backordered
until March! >>>

Please tell us/me how these turn out. I considered those when someone  
here gave a link to the site, but it looked to me like the bottom of  
the ice Lego block, unlike the plastic ones, would be smooth and thus  
wouldn't mate with the pegs on the top of other lego ice blocks. Thus  
you couldn't stack the lego ice blocks to make walls and other nifty  
things. But I may have mis-interpreted the photographs wrong. I think  
the site gave only pictures of the ice cube trays but no resulting  
ice cubes.

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