[Sca-cooks] Thought this was an amusing article

Susan Fox selene at earthlink.net
Wed Jan 3 11:08:38 PST 2007

After some reflection, I don't see this is being any harder on Jews than 
anyone else. 

In my family, it was the advent of Margarine that was hailed as the 
culinary miracle.  Just a family preference I think, one could have 
bread and "butter" with a meat meal, huzzah!  But nowadays they do make 
non-trans-fat Margarine.  I'll have to procure some from Whole Foods and 
do some pie crust experiments.

The best pie crusts are made with lard anyway.  Treif-o-rama!


Heleen Greenwald wrote:
>> Jews And The Crisco Crisis
>> Judy Oppenheimer
>> Special to the Jewish Times
>> DECEMBER 29, 2006  <snippity>

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