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Rant on .
Joshua,  Please take this as constructive criticism.  Use spell check.
Having to decipher the meaning of your messages by converting the improper
use of words and their misspelling is tedious.  A five min check on the web
netted me several thousand recipes dealing with the time frame you
mentioned.  Being lazy and not looking is very rude.  Looking and not
finding what you are looking for is a different matter.  However, all of the
entries I found belong to someone.  The information is not use how you see
fit information. If you collect this and are going to reprint it for any use
besides than for yourself you need to get permission from the author for
each entry you have. This permission needs to be noted within the
publication. All of the replies to your request have been met and replied to
with great care.  Insults to any on this list are insults to all.  Now I do
not speak for anyone else here but myself. I feel that you owe an apology to
Adele de Maisieres.  If you have taken offence to something that she has
said you need to take it to her in private first.  If you have no
satisfaction there then you take it to a more public forum. Take a look here
http://www.sca.org/ Look at the newcomers info.  Read it and then reread it.

You stated that you have read a few books. Spend some time with some history
books.  SO you can get a better feel of the folks that make up this list.  I
have only been on this list for a short time (about 18 months) and I have
learned a great deal. Most of what I have learned is by reading the posts of
others and chiming in when I think I have something to add to the
discussion.  If I do not know the term that is being used I look it up.  If
I don't find the term I then ask. 
End rant.

 To Adele de Maisieres although I do not think that you need a champion to
speak for you I have stepped up to be one.  My humble apologies if this was

Your humble servant
Dan in Auburn
Kingdom of An Tir         

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Nichola, thank you for the links for over 12,000 ricipies.  for those of you
that have said that you have gave me tipes or other stuff please send me a
private e-mail with what you preivesaly stated and that will help me and I
thank you know for what you have already did and will do for me.  I hope
that time gose one I will be able to do the same or evan pass it forward.
As I was told about some of you about being parinoid because you have been
burned, that is understandable becasue I tend to be the same way in other
areas of my own life.  Adele de Maisieres I do have one simple question for
you and it is not meant to offend you in any way.  My question is this do
you tend to come accrosed like a stuck up snob with people?  Because to me
the is not nice or seem to be the proper decorum for the SCA.  Like I had
said I do not mean to be rude or offend you.

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