[Sca-cooks] Sorry a little lazy

otsisto otsisto at socket.net
Wed Jan 3 23:11:02 PST 2007

I have a recipe that I plan to work on but some of the ingredients are in
now the lazy part. I was wondering if someone has already figured out grams
to cups for
250 g of flour. It specifically asks for spelt but I don't believe that it
weighs more then regular flour.
I'm having a brain fog, the recipe asks for 150 g of butter. (here's the
silly brain fog) can grams be applied to butter?
It asks for 125 g of soft brown sugar. My question is there a hard brown
I figure I can weigh the hazelnut meal and the sugar.
Oh yeah the recipe is for Friese Dumkes.
Getting over the flu.

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