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> > > > > > Nichola, thank you for the links for over 12,000 ricipies.  for
those of you that have said that you have gave me tipes or other stuff
please send me a private e-mail with what you preivesaly stated and that
will help me and I thank you know for what you have already did and will do
for me.  I hope that time gose one I will be able to do the same or evan
pass it forward.  As I was told about some of you about being parinoid
because you have been burned, that is understandable becasue I tend to be
the same way in other areas of my own life.  Adele de Maisieres I do have
one simple question for you and it is not meant to offend you in any way.
My question is this do you tend to come accrosed like a stuck up snob with
people?  Because to me the is not nice or seem to be the proper decorum for
the SCA.  Like I had said I do not mean to be rude or offend you.

Joshua   < < < < < < < < <

I would post this privately, but I do not get Joshua's email address in the

I welcome you to the list and appreciate the apology you offered Adele in
your other post.

I sincerely believe that "paranoid" is not the word needed here.  Cautious,
wary, vigilant, guarded, careful . . . all of these are much more
descriptive and a bit less accusatory and judgemental than "paranoid".

Especially now in 2007, when there are possibly dozens of historical cookery
books in print in the United States, as well as vastresources available on
the internet, I must admit publicly that I am still honestly suspcious of
your truthfulness about the goal of your requests.  You very specifically
asked for "not copyrighted" material.  Given the enormity of the resources
already in print (I have about 22 books in my library), and your anger at
being directed to look at some books and web sites,

Offering the same bluntness and candor you espouse, I personally remain
suspicious, but hopeful, that this is not a deceit intended to gather easy
material at our expense for a seond book project (note the 1st book being
worked on).  You neither admitted to this being part of your goal, nor
denied it as part of your goal . . . only left it a vague possibility.  Even
asking us specifically give citation for our efforts to help you adds more
to my suspcion.  I have no arrogance to think much of my work would be so
worthy of theft, but many others have done exemplary work.  I re-read your
posts and feel a sense of foreboding that you may take advantage of our
openness and willingness to share our work . . . and try to make a fast
dollar for yourself on the fruits of OUR labors.  I'm not in the market to
do unpaid work for someone else's book.  I am very much in the market of
teaching what piece of knowledge I have gleaned over the years to those who
want to learn.  If they take their own knowledge, their honestly gained
contributions from me and make a profit, then they have done well by me.  No
rudeness or offense intended, just frankness.

I've had this feeling before, and I've been quickly and gratefully proven
wrong.  I stand suspicious, at the same time eager to shed that suspicion.
Please doagain accept my apology for not being able to send this privately.
I think it important enough to share part of it with the group, but some
would be better said in private.

pacem et bonum, (I need the reminder: Peace and Goodness to you)

niccolo difrancesco

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