[Sca-cooks] Protestants prohibited spices in England?

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If you happen to have access to "Liberty", a publication of the 
Seventh Day Adventist Church, the last two issues had an article by a 
British history professor about Cromwell's attitudes toward religious 
liberty.  In spite of the church source the mag frequently offers 
interesting articles.  I get it because they do mass mailings to 
lawyers etc.  It may be available on line or in libraries.

Simon Sinneghe
Briaroak, Summits, An Tir

At 11:22 PM 1/3/2007, Stefan wrote:
>Bear replied to me with:
>  > Were the Puritans ever in a position to impose their opinions on
>  > English (or Dutch) society as a whole?
>  >
>  > Stefan
>Ask Oliver Cromwell.
>Huh? Was Oliver Cromwell a Puritan?  I'm afraid I don't know that
>much about him.  I have enough problems learning about all the stuff
>before 1600 CE, much less the century after that. I think I've read
>two opinions on Cromwell. One thought he was evil incarnate and the
>other thought although he did some bad things he could have been much
>worse and that he did bad to keep from having to do worse.
>This does bring up another question though. The Puritans were
>distinct enough to be their own sect. What happened to them after the
>early 17th Century? I don't imagine that they all managed to
>immigrate to the New World. It is sort of like the Norse. Looking at
>the SCA, you'd think that when the Viking Age ended, the Norse got
>teleported somewhere else. Gunthar is one of the few post-Viking Age
>Norse that I know of in the SCA. Certainly there are very few
>compared to "Vikings".
>PS: Although I don't believe it answers this question, there is this
>Florilgium file:
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>and 17th C.
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