[Sca-cooks] what do you do with Quinces?

David Friedman ddfr at daviddfriedman.com
Thu Jan 4 13:30:56 PST 2007

>Warning; I am in all possibilities, about to ask a stupid question.
>I have seen these boxes of tiny yellow quinces in the store, at 
>rather high prices, considering. There may be about a dozen or so in 
>a box, and the price hovers from 2.50 to 3, per box.
>What can you do with them, and how many would it take to do them 
>right?  Five pounds of them would be rather...pricey...for an 
>Who has a pink flowering quince bush-and I have gotten *one* green 
>quince off of it in ten years....

There are at least two different plants referred to as "quince." The 
old world quince produces fruit that look and smell rather like 
apples--indeed, smell more intensely like apples than apples do. They 
are used for quince paste--the original meaning of "marmalade." They 
are also baked in pies and used rather like cooked apples in other 
period dishes. They are not suitable for eating raw, unlike apples.

The Japanese quince is a different plant, widely used as an 
ornamental. I suspect that is your flowering quince bush. I don't 
know how its fruit would be used.

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