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I have given him the name of Wynkyn de Worde's 1513 "Book of Carving", but
couldn't find it in a quick web search.  I said of course they knew about
it, but what culture called it by which name, I don't know, but I'm sure
will be fun to figure out.  

Can anyone else give some insight here?

Off to a distant 12th Night - be back on Sunday,

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Cathal to Christianna, greetings:

    I am helping a person with the design of their device.  They want a
'wishbone' (the bone, not the dog) as a part of the blazon.

     I was discussing the matter with some of the heralds on SCA-Heralds
and, bless their little pedantic hearts, they said, since it wasn't used as
a part of arms in period, it would probably be necessary to document that
the bone was known in period.  The OED lists 'wishbone' as a term in the
1860's but states it was known as 'merrythought' in the 1600's.

      Do you know of any period cooking document that makes reference
(possibly as a carving guide) to this bone?  I rather doubt that the
osteo-anatomy of fowl has changed much from then to today, so if we can
document even a basic reference then the modern bone would probably be

      If you could consider this or run it past the folks on the SCA-Cooks
list I would appreciate it.



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