[Sca-cooks] Friesian Dumkes was: Sorry a little lazy

Holly Stockley hollyvandenberg at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 4 17:53:22 PST 2007

>mom o is Italian but Pat said that momo was taught to make then from her 
>who got the recipe from a neighbor who go it from someone.
>I was told that sometime a dollop of orange marmalade, red current jelly or
>raspberry jelly would be put in the indentation.
>I think "dumkes" means "thumbs" in Freise but not sure.

Well, not in modern Fries.  "thumb" = "tomme"
"dumke" doesn't mean anything to me, but I'm not a native speaker.  And 
Grandma isn't around to ask anymore.

However, since in dutch, "thumb" = "duim" - I'd be much more willing to 
believe that "dumke" is the diminutive and means "little thumb" or some 
such.  Or even that Dutch "duim" cookies became Fries "dumke" when adopted - 
since "-ke" IS a diminutive suffix in Fries.  And I seem to remember that 
Tom Thumb, in Fries, is "Tomke."

If you want real fun, sit in a farmhouse kitchen and listen to a native 
Dutch speaker and a native Fries speaker argue over what a word ought to be. 
  This MIGHT explain why most of the words I know aren't really useful in 
polite society.

Femke de Roas

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