[Sca-cooks] haggis question

Terry Decker t.d.decker at worldnet.att.net
Thu Jan 4 18:13:21 PST 2007

It might depend on when haggis was first created.  The Scotti were Irish who 
began moving into Scotland some time between the 1st Century BCE and the 6th 
Century CE.  I like the earlier date, but there are conflicting views.


> while fixating on early irish food research, a question
> popped to mind...
> is haggis strictly scottish, never traveling beyond the
> borders, or would it be a dish that would have been
> known/done/served around the british?  is it merely a
> generalized pudding or a country specific treasure?
> i suppose this comes from looking for things people have
> heard of and that there are recipes for as opposed to the
> dominant 'nothing written down' i keep banging into with
> the irish food.
> cailte

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