[Sca-cooks] haggis question

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Warning:  Stupid, "new-cook" question follows...

I wonder how much of a leap it is from tripe to haggis?

p. 136 of "The Complete Book of Irish Country Cooking:  Traditional and 
Wholesome Recipes from Ireland" by Darina Allen states...

"Tripe is mentioned frequently in the eleventh century tale Aislinge Meic Con 
Glinne.  It was a common and regularly available commodity in the shops of 
Cork City in 1649.  Tripe also featured as an important item in the diet of the 
City's Franciscan friars throughout the eighteenth century."

The story she mentions is listed in her bibliography as being translated and 
edited by Kenneth Jackson, published Dublin, 1991.

Does that help at all or are the dishes too far apart to make that leap?

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> while fixating on early irish food research, a question 
> popped to mind...
> is haggis strictly scottish, never traveling beyond the 
> borders, or would it be a dish that would have been 
> known/done/served around the british?  is it merely a 
> generalized pudding or a country specific treasure?

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