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<http://www.museudacachaca.com.br/produ_ing.html> (a site about sugar 
brandy) suggests that sugar cane will ferment more or less on its own:

The fermentation is called handmade when it happens in a spontaneous way 
starting from the broken cane.

toodles, margaret

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> Selene repied to me with:
> <<<
>> Does sugarcane ferment? Or is the sugar concentration in the sap too
>> high for this?
> Stefan.  Bubbie.  Baby.  Does the word "RUM" mean anything to you
> besides
> the Royal University of Meridies?  >>>
> Yes, I am well aware that sugar is the prime constituent in rum as
> honey is in mead. However, honey will not ferment at it's natural
> density. That is why it can be used to preserve food. Sugar can also
> be used to preserve food items in its solid or syrup forms. None of
> this tells me though, whether the sugar syrup in cane in its natural
> form is dilute enough to ferment. Ie: Can you take advantage of this
> if you want it to ferment or must you take care to keep it from
> fermenting, if say you were using a stick of sugarcane as a
> marshaling staff or sword substitute?
> Stefan
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