[Sca-cooks] sugar cane

Terry Decker t.d.decker at worldnet.att.net
Fri Jan 5 14:21:51 PST 2007

>>> Does sugarcane ferment? Or is the sugar concentration in the sap too
>>> high for this?
>> Stefan.  Bubbie.  Baby.  Does the word "RUM" mean anything to you besides
>> the Royal University of Meridies?
>> Selene
> I would think sugarcane would be more likely to mold than ferment, since 
> the
> sap is sealed in until you break the cane.  Fermentation and rum occur in
> the extracted cane juice.
> Bear > > > > >> > >
> Think of a yeast cell eating sugar like a slug having salt poured on it. 
> If
> the concentration of sugar is too high (not enough moisture) the yeast
> cannot digest it, or will even rupture and have its own moisture sucked 
> out
> with dried sugar.  The specific gravity or concentration of sugars makes a
> difference.  It is the same reason that honey (and crystalized sugar) is
> nigh invulnerable to pathogens . . . pH and water levels are wrong.  Add a
> little water, and you can almost see the mold grow.
> niccolo

Makes perfect sense for sugarcane juice, but does not hold true for 
sugarcane.  The cane is the container for the juice and will not ferment. 
As long as the segments of the cane are unbroken, the juice should not 
ferment or mold.  The cane will mold on the outer surface.  Once it is 
broken, the cane is waste.


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