[Sca-cooks] Gilded gingerbread query

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Fri Jan 5 14:34:00 PST 2007

I'm home so I can field the question promptly!

The company is called FRM.  Our new acquaintance married into this family
which was already using this time-honoured manufacturing method and
persuaded them to market it to upscale stores in the USA, which has
apparently been working very well for them.

Their recipe website:  www.frm.it/food


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> Selene and I were fortunate enough to attend a lecture about edible metals.
> The lecturer had married into a family of Italian jewelers (I think) and seems
> to have persuaded them to  made ebible gold and sliver leaf. She seems to have
> single handedly encouraged a revival of gilding food - she showed slides of
> some gorgeous stuff and even gave samples!
> Selene, do you have her website? I'm at work and the gold is safely at home.
> Renata
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> A corespondent put this question to me and wanted me to post it to the list:
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> I wanted to ask if you could perhaps shed any light on the origin of
> the phrase "to gild the gingerbread?" and whether, to your knowledge,
> gold leaf is still much used as food decoration?

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