[Sca-cooks] o happy day!

Susan Fox selene at earthlink.net
Sat Jan 6 09:27:52 PST 2007

>> There is also a 'Hobbit's Cookbook', but I'm not very fond of it.
>> Nanny Ogg is
>> by far the superior food writer.

Verily.  You'd never see "strawberry wobbler" in Tolkien.  <grins, casts a
quick glance toward The Rock>

There is of course a Narnia Cookbook, by the stalwart stepson Douglas
Gresham, written years before the current movie projects.  Mostly nice
prewar English cookery.  Drat, I was hoping for some recipes for the
aristocratic Calormene sweets and Giantish anthropophagy.  Just for
completism's sake, of course.
> I think the best of these, and not especially applicable here, is Rex
> Stout's Nero Wolfe cookbook. It's the only one I can think of where I
> came away having learned something about food, that I did not
> necessarily learn from reading the stories.

One of my sub-collections is Literary Cookbooks -- not surprising since
Linda Wolfe [THE LITERARY GOURMET] was a friend of my favorite aunt's.  I
think I concur about the Nero Wolfe [no relation] cookbook.  I might also
strongly recommend the cookbook tie-in for the Patrick O'Brien
Aubrey/Maturin series.  This was so much more than mother-and-daughter
fangirls, this was a true labour of love.  The cooked the rats for gosh

> I always wanted somebody
> to do a P.G. Wodehouse cookbook, and was a little distressed when I
> discovered most of the output of the chef, Monsieur Anatole, in the
> Jeeves stories, was a mixture of straight-up Escoffier and plausible-
> sounding but purely fictional terminology.
I read the Jeeves stories as an adult, after I had started down the
good-intention-paved road to Culinary Historianship, and spotted the
neologisms as they appeared.  Possibly I am poorer for that.

Well, at the risk of thrusting myself into another time-devouring long term
project, maybe we should invent the dishes to match the invented lingo and
write it anyway.  Widespread distribution of Jeeves' hangover remedy might
be considered a true public service, don't you think?


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