[Sca-cooks] Now other 12th Night Stories.

Michael Gunter countgunthar at hotmail.com
Sun Jan 7 17:41:20 PST 2007

Elizabeth and I helped with the feast of 12th Night and
there were the usual problems. I don't think it would be
fair to go into some of them but I do want to stress for
cooks who are taking on feasts much larger than you are
used to, to ask someone familiar with the situation to be
a mentor all through the process and also to test the
recipes beforehand. That can save a lot of heartbreak.

Now on to something very groovy:

My beautiful lady, sometime contributor to this list and
wonderful cook, Elizabeth was called into Baronial and
was totally unsuspecting since this was merely a Baronial
setting, received her Award of Arms to huge applause.

No, I had nothing to do with it other than help with
some arrangements. This was all from other people who
have been so impressed with her service, demeanor and
dedication to the Society.

Please welcome LADY Elizabeth Seale.


Happy Gunthar

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