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Kirsten Houseknecht kirsten at fabricdragon.com
Mon Jan 8 12:04:12 PST 2007

Rev. Roger Pickering, my dad, is improving in Lancaster General Hospital.
sorry for the cross post, but i cant remember who got told....

the quick summary:
dad and mom moved to willow valley retirement community this past year.
dad has heart issues
after 4 mos dad was in Afib from stress, as he was still commuting to work
in philadelphia, the diocese had cut the budget, he was RETIRED for his
health and still having to run things...etc.

they hospitalized him, and tried to recover his heart rythm
they implanted a pacemaker/defib
he came home for Xmas
he got abruptly sick
he went into the hospital with a fever of 103.5
he had a staph infection in the pacemaker.
the pacemaker was removed, and IV lines of antibiotic were run
he was put on a central line, as his veins were not able to support more Iv
and blood draws (he is thrilled, he hated the constant sticks.)

he is recovering, and beginning to look less like a zombie
he is once again able to sit in a chair and move around
a new pacemaker is scheduled to be implanted Tuesday or Wednesday...

this is why i havent been  online much.

prayers, reiki, etc for his recovery, and for my mom are welcome
(mom has RA and it flared up from stress.....)
anything after that you can spare for my nerves and sleep are also welcome.

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