[Sca-cooks] Selene on TV [out of period]

Susan Fox selene at earthlink.net
Mon Jan 8 17:43:11 PST 2007

Sorry about the short notice but I only spotted this while flipping channels
just a few minutes ago. I just learned that my latest episode of THE SECRET
LIFE OF... is showing on Food Network [US] tonight at 10:00 Eastern/Pacific.
The topic is DIETS and my contribution is the fine dishes from the South
Beach Diet regimen. They told me that when they interviewed the doctor, the
dishes they were presented with did not look like they had in the book and
in fact they looked downright unappealing. So, who you gonna call? Susan to
the rescue!

My face won't be on screen but my handiwork will. I also did them up a nice
veggie basket which they shot on the magic turntable, looking all fresh and
appealing-like. Who would not want to indulge in wonderful tasty stuff like

Ironic thing is, I was scouted through the SCA and this show has not had me
cook anything earlier than the 1800's yet.  Another day.


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