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Tue Jan 9 17:52:24 PST 2007

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> sweet potatoes take smoky chilies (like chipotle) very well.

How hot are chipotle chilies?< < < < < < < < < <

I sooooo want to say that it depends how hot your pantry is . . .

Chipotle are smoked variety of jalapenos (I think the "moita" variety is
prevelant in US).  So, the canned ones in sauce probably run anywhere from
2500 to 5000 Scoville units (heat measure).  That puts them in range with
poblano, jalapeno, and just a bit hotter than Anaheim & Ancho.  The sauce
and smoking seem to drop the heat a little, but they still have zing.  Dried
and crushed, they taste waaaay hotter since more heat per volume.

The Charts I looked at online give a 4 out of ten for heat.  Though 1 = 100
to 1000 uints and 10 = 350-855,000 units, so its not an equal scale thing.

Hope that helps.

niccolo difrancesco

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