[Sca-cooks] Oh, My Aching Comfits!

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The gum Arabic that I use is food grade and in a powder, not the liquid stuff that is prepared for calligraphers.  I don't know what kind of solution the calligraphy Arabic is in but the powdered kind is available from "Sweet Celebrations" and other cake decorating supply stores.

Alys Katharine

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My Lady,
When I was reading about your work with making confits, I was wondering about gum arabic so I looked it up. OK, so now I am convinced that you can eat the stuff.....but I have a bottle of gum arabic that I use in calligraphy.... and I would never eat THAT stuff... Is it the same thing??

gum arabic 

A gum exuded by various African trees of the genus Acacia, especially A. senegal, used in the preparation of pills and emulsions and the manufacture of mucilage and candies and in general as a thickener and colloidal stabilizer. Also called acacia .

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gum Arabic 

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