[Sca-cooks] Query for the Assembled

Lynn Hunter rohanna1 at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 10 18:26:25 PST 2007

This Christmas, my Partner in Crime presented to me several odd vinegars - 
one of which is Chianti.

Now in my barony, I am referred to as the Sekunjabin Pusher, and in fact, 
won baronial brewer on the strength of my Apple Cider/Rosemary sekunjabin 
(yeah, I know, technically, it's a jalab, but does it really make a 
difference what you call it as long as you list the ingredients?).

Our Baronial Investiture is coming up Feb 3, and I have been asked by the 
head cook to prepare 3 sekunjabins for the feast.

My question to you here assembled, is, other than oregano (which I think 
would make an ICKY drink), what herb would you suggest for a Chianti/? 
infusion?  Dame Olwen suggested basil, but I am not a big basil fan (don't 
let it get around - they might take my Italian blood away from me!).

I can always do a Pinot Grigio with LemonThyme instead, but with the 
richeness of the meat, I thought Chianti might be nicely offsetting.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

Bright Hills

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