[Sca-cooks] Query for the Assembled

Michael Gunter countgunthar at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 11 08:09:10 PST 2007

>My question to you here assembled, is, other than oregano (which I think
>would make an ICKY drink), what herb would you suggest for a Chianti/?
>infusion?  Dame Olwen suggested basil, but I am not a big basil fan (don't
>let it get around - they might take my Italian blood away from me!).

>Bright Hills

Maybe look for herbs common to the region of the Chianti you use.
I think a lemon basil would be nice. Maybe tarragon with it's sweet
and slightly licorice flavor. A little bit of galangale would make it almost
like a light retsina. Any mint would go well but you will probably be using
mint anyway in the sekujuban. Rosemary would add an earthiness to
it, ginger would really spark it up.

I suggest you get some small bottles and try various herbs and spices
to infuse and use the one you like best.


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