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Nick Sasso grizly at mindspring.com
Thu Jan 11 11:01:01 PST 2007

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> > > > I seem to recall purchasing fresh galanga root at a Chinese grocery
store...I found one (and this has been a number of years ago)...in DC.  The
store doesn't exist anymore thanks to the MCI Center, and I haven't looked
for it recently, but I suspect that you could find it in such a store.
Niccolo, I wouldn't swear to it, but I bet you could find it in that
incredible Farmers' Market that Christianne took me to one time when I was
down in your neck of the woods.  They seemed to have darned near everything!

Kiri  < < < < < <

That would be either the International Farmer's Market on P'Tree Industrial
or Dekalb Farmer's Market.  I've seen it at the Dekalb Market, and the last
time I bought it, too many years ago, it was at what used to be Harry's
Farmer's Market in Gwinnett County, GA. (Harry's used to be owned by the
brother of the Dekalb Market owner . . . family spat led to rival business
20 miles away.)  Haven't been there since it was bought numerous years back
by Whole Foods, but they may carry that sort of thing.

I did look online to see that the growing zone I am in (Zone 8a) will be
possible to grow the rhizomes.  It would be better further south in zone 8b,
but I think I can make it work in very large pots that can be brought
indoors during freeze warnings.  As long as we don't have a long, hard
freeze, it could work fine.  I'll keep an eye out for the rhizomes in
Atlanta area.  I can always special order them, to be absolutely sure the
species I am getting.  I have a friend at Pike Nursery who could order them
for me, and she'd deliver them to the house!  She live's about three
quarters of a mile around the corner.

There are some Asian type markets here in Newnan and LaGrange, GA, strangely
enough.  they may actually carry the fresh rhizomes, so I'll check them out
as well.  Thanks for reminding of the markets in Atlanta, Kiri.  I may be up
this weekend, and could take the chance to look at one or two of them.

niccolo difrancesco

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