[Sca-cooks] chocolate frother?

Rob Downie rdownie at mts.net
Fri Jan 12 06:47:42 PST 2007

Stefan li Rous wrote:

>Back on Jan. 2 Faerisa mentioned:
><<< We also got ... a hot chocolate frother with a
>selection of hot choclolate mixes,...  >>>
>Is this several disks of wood on a dowel stacked with space between  
>them, which you agitate up and down in a cup of hot chocolate to  
>create a froth on top? Or perhaps one of the chocolate fountains that  
>I've seen this season? Or are they now selling machines similar to  
>the fancy cappachino/coffee making machines, except they are for hot  
The one we got this year is a large mug designed for single servings 
with a metal screen on a dowel that you agitate up and down.  The milk 
needs to be heated before adding it to the frother.

The one we got a couple of years ago  is an electric counter appliance - 
essentially a large pitcher with a motorised bottom.  It magnetically 
holds a little disk with a "fin" at the bottom , which rotates for a set 
amount of time while at the same time heating the milk.   I really like 
it for when I'm making ore than one cup so that I can walk away from it 
and not worry about burning the milk or burning my tongue from 
overheating the milk.  I generally only see them around at Christmas 
time, but they are probably also available online.

It's kind of funny, when my husband and I first saw one in the store we 
laughed at the concept, comparing it to the infamous "Mrs. Tea".  Now 
that we actually own one I'd never go back to the old way - this is just 
so much more convienient for us.


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