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> Oh...Gackh  (choking sound at end...) Kling on food.
> Was there ever any reference to what was IN Gackh?
> On Jan 14, 2007, at 4:11 PM, Marcha wrote:
>> Close but no cigar, Heleen.  Think STNG and Riker.
>> Berti

STAR TREK COOKBOOK by Ethan Phillips and William J. Birnes relates a lot of
information from Alan Sims about the food-related "special effects" used in
the show.  The Klingon diners would scoop them up in their hands and devour
the "live worms" which were really udon noodles with a soy sauce based
dressing, like that used for Chinese Chicken Salad, served on a bed of any
strange-looking leafy vegetable like arugula.

He also commented on "Romulan Ale", serving blue sports drinks that did not
color the actor's lips with food coloring, which would ruin filming for the
day.  Gatorade Cool Blue Raspberry which has a luminous quality to it, or
Powerade Mountain Blast, which is a deeper blue.  Mixing in a few teaspoons
of club soda gives a sparkling look.

Culinary geek Selene

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