[Sca-cooks] The G'rilla in the Room

Saint Phlip phlip at 99main.com
Sun Jan 14 18:34:45 PST 2007

OK, if you want the easy way to do something like this...

If you have a hose outlet.

You need a dedicated gas heater like this:


An Omigawd sized stock pot, lots of copper tubing, male and female
fittings for the ends (and someone to solder them on securely for
you), thre regular hoses and a heat resistant hose, a Y splitter and a
couple of sprayer nozzles.

Starting at the spigot, attach it to the first hose. attach a Y
splitter. Attach the second hose to one branch of the Y splitter and
then one of the sprayers to that- this is your cold water. To the
other branch, again attach a hose, and this attaches to a female
fitting which is soldered to one end of the copper tubing, which is
coiled up inside the Omigawd stock pot, with the other end peeping
out, to which is soldered the male fitting. Attachthe end of the heat
resistant hose to it, and a sprayer to that, and that's your hot
water. To use, fill the stock pot with water and heat it up. As the
water from the hose goes through the coiled copper tubong, it heats up
by transference, so the water coming out the other end is as hot as
thje water in the pot.

Notes for a bit more sophistication.

If you choose the right size stock pot, everything can be stored in
it. You need the copper tubing coiled neatly against the outside edge
of the pot. And, rather than buying three hoses, you can buy on and
fittings and cut it to length and attach the fittings. All that will
fit in the bottom of the pot, with the sprayers and the heat resistant
hose. You'll need at least 100 feet of the copper tubing (maybe 5/8-
3/4" in diameter, and you should be able to turn the cooker upside
down on top of it all, making just one package. The propane tank(s),
of course, will be additional packages.

If you're cooking in an area where wind chill is a factor, you can
braze or solder on a couple of stoppers at the bottom of the stock
pot, and slip or velcro a flame resistant jacket over the pot, to
retain the heat. You can also cut holes in the stockpot lid to
accommodate the hose ends and put a piece of insulation on it to help
retain heat- but DON'T make it a closed system, unless you LIKE steam
explosions. You'll want to be able to add water or remove the top to
adjust the temp a bit more than the regulators on the cookers allow.
And, for Mercy's sake, don't use one of the waist high cookers- too
unstable with weight on them. Instead, use one of the short legged
varieties, maybe a foot off the ground.

Saint Phlip

Heat it up
Hit it hard
Repent as necessary.

Put not your trust in princes, nor in the son of man, in whom there is no help.

Psalm 146
King James Bible

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