[Sca-cooks] Cold weather foods

Michael Gunter countgunthar at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 15 08:56:19 PST 2007

Texas and Oklahoma got socked with a huge winter ice
storm that had everyone huddled in their homes all weekend.
So, in such a situation, what do you do other than cuddle
together and make hearty meals?

Elizabeth and I did just that and it was a lot of fun, both
the cuddling and the cooking. But we made some wonderful
hearty dishes to stave off winter starvation.

Elizabeth made a wonderful milk bread that is dense, golden
and a little sweet. It's terrific just slathered with butter. She
will have to provide the details on this.

She, being the good little New Orleans girl she is, made a huge
pot of red beans and rice that was supplemented by me with
some bbq'd ribs and hot wings.

Finally we made a spaghetti and meatballs. It was pretty standard
other than I tried a little trick I found in the Williams-Sonoma
cataloge. I placed a small piece of fresh mozzerella in the center
of each meatball. Browned them and then let them simmer in
the gravy for around 20 minutes. They were very good although
I'm not a huge cheese fan so they were a little cheesy for me.
I think I'd do the same with a pinch of shredded parmesian or
something. Maybe even a small spoon of pesto.
Still, it was a fun experiment and would definately be a happy
surprise for any cheese lover.

So cold weather brings out the stuff to make us sleep.
I also love making a huge pot of chicken  noodle soup or
chicken and dumplings or beef stew.

Did y'all make anything special when you are stuck inside?


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