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No, but if you'd care to share these recipes, I know I'd be most
grateful...even better would be a copy of the handout.


On 1/15/07, Christiane <christianetrue at earthlink.net> wrote:
> Hello all,
> This Saturday at al-Hafla I'll be doing a class on Sicily under the Arabs
> and the Arab-influenced Normans. I thought as part of the handout I could
> include a couple of recipes that are MODERN Sicilian and Southern Italian
> recipes, but are directly influenced by the Arabs and their cuisine. I
> thought about including some period recipes from elsewhere in the Middle
> East, but there were already indications by the 900s that foodways there had
> started to differ from in the Middle East (see my note about onions below).
> I thought I could include:
> The Emir of Catania's Chicken  — chicken sauteed with onions, diced,
> combined with ground pistachios, almonds, and capers, breadcrumbs, lemon
> juice, and spices, and baked in a hollowed breadloaf
> Melanzan' all'Usticese  — sliced eggplants, fried, sprinkled with sugar,
> white vinegar, and fresh mint. A note: I might add sauteed onions to this,
> because one of the Arab visitors to Palermo complained that the denizens
> there loved onions too much for the good of their health, apparently they
> ate them in cooked dishes and raw. I also see this recipe as perhaps more
> exempifying the roots of caponata, before tomatoes had come to the island.
> Cucusa — couscous made with seafood stew instead of lamb
> Ceci e tria  — pasta and chickpea stew garnished with pieces of fried
> pasta (a Puglian specialty)
> Pannelle — Chickpea flour fritters
> Pasta con le sarde — pasta with fennel, raisins, pine nuts, saffron,
> sardines, and anchovies (absolutely no tomatoes in this recipe at all)
> Coniglio in agrodolce — Braised rabbit in a sweet-sour sauce of vinegar,
> sugar, and raisins
> Sarde beccafico — Sardines "songbird style" (or stuffed like little
> roasted songbirds) with a mixture of breadcrumbs, pine nuts, currants, lemon
> and orange juice and zest, sugar, anchovies, and olives
> Cuccureddi — Cookies filled with figs, raisins, sultanas, honey, walnuts,
> pine nuts,  orange peel, lemon peel, cloves, and cinnamon
> Torrone di mandorlo — nougat made with orange blossom honey, almonds, and
> pistachios. There's also a version made with sesame seeds and cut into
> lozenges.
> Lemon, orange, and jasmine ices
> Are there any other recipes that come to mind that I should include? I am
> refusing to include anything with tomatoes in it ...
> Gianotta
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