[Sca-cooks] Cold weather foods

Nick Sasso grizly at mindspring.com
Mon Jan 15 13:07:40 PST 2007

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> > > > Texas and Oklahoma got socked with a huge winter ice
storm that had everyone huddled in their homes all weekend.
So, in such a situation, what do you do other than cuddle
together and make hearty meals?


Did y'all make anything special when you are stuck inside?

Gunthar< < < < < <

Seems we have some food rules around our house.  Cold weather (We expect
your cold weather to hit Georgia tomorrow) is the only time we get to eat
chili.  I also make Chicken Pot Pie, pot roast, homemade macaroni&cheese.

Tomorrow I am going to braise a pork loin in sauerkraut and shredded apples
with 1 trouch of brown sugar, caraway and celery seed.  My
grandmother-in-law then makes dumplings to simmer in the resultant pan
liquor plus a bit of white wine.  Pennsylvania Dutch goodness.

niccolo difrancesco
(If I had lamb, it would be agrodulce over saffron rice . . . or if I had
beef, then goulyas)

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