[Sca-cooks] Making Silicone Molds?

Johnna Holloway johnna at sitka.engin.umich.edu
Wed Jan 17 10:16:58 PST 2007

This ia an abbreviated version of what I posted to the
Subtleties list earlier today..
OK I  purchased a couple of types of these from Beryl's
in Virginia a few years back. I bought a trial kit of Silicone Plastique
and then a jar labeled
Create A Mold which comes from Australia. Both were new items at the time.
I used the Create a Mold to try and create a peacock but the item
floated to the
surface and didn't work. It was going to require a great deal of work to get
the item to work for what were essentially small accent pieces.
So that jar was recapped for further work later. One remelts
this stuff and can reuse it. 
I would add that price has gone up considerably over what I paid.

I read through all the instruction on the Silicone
Plastique and decided at that time that
I needed more time and space to work with it. So that got repacked.
I just read through my instructions for that again and it refers to 
mixing it
by hand, so
I would just use my hands. Nothing is said about latex gloves or sulfur.
There are full color instructions given in
International School of Sugarcraft: New Skills and Techniques
(International School of Sugarcrafts), Vol. 3.and it also appears in 
Sugar Roses for Cakes by Tombi Peck on pages 34-35.

These might not be the same formula.
I just checked on the web and there are a number of these being sold now.

My thought about these is that they'd work probably pretty well for special
small molds for a really special dinner, like HerRM likes a beast for which
one can't find a special ready made mold. Then you could use this stuff
and create your own special mold
(after a number of hours and probably a number of failures.) Then you
create the hundreds of  needed sugarpaste, chocolate, or marzipan 
beasts. Fun to play with but
maybe limited in what one create.

Michael Joy
sells the professional stuff. Expensive, but these are what the
pros use in those
competitions. http://www.chicagomoldschool.com/ 
See make your own mold here
The book is very impressive and answered a number of my questions.

Hope this helps,


Elise Fleming wrote:
> Greetings!  Has anyone worked with "silicone plastique" to make molds? 

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