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Here is the relevant passage from the book "Eat to Beat Cancer" by J.Robert
Hatherill, PhD. 1998

"Stomach Cancer - Remarkably, stomach cancer is one of the few cancers that
has declined in recent years - although variations do exist around the
globe.  Increased stomach cancer rates are associated with people who eat
highly salted and smoked foods.  Home refrigeration in most countries has
lead to a decreased risk for stomach cancer, because refrigeration allows
for increased consumption of fresh produce, with less reliance on salted,
smoked, and pickled foods. 
	Stomach cancer Risk Factors:
	High-salt foods, which injure the lining of the stomach
	Processed, cured, salted and smoked meats (nitrates are found in
smoked, cured meats like bacon and sausage, salt-dried fish, beer, and
pickled vegetables)
	High-starch foods (potatoes, bread, rice pasta)
	Fried foods
	Cigarette smoking (smoke is known to contain the stomach cancer
agent 	nitrite)
	Radiation exposure
	Bacterial infection (Heliobacter pylori among others) are involved
with stomach ulcers, and cause a much higher risk of stomach cancer. "

Here is information on this topic from "The Politics of Cancer Revisited" by
Dr. Samuel Epstein 1998

"Pickling Vegetables: Traditional pickled vegetables from Asia have shown
evidence of posing a cancer risk, based on epidemiological studies that have
found a high rate of stomach and nasopharyngeal cancer among people
consuming them." Pg 633

"Nitrite contaminated food is thought to be a cause of stomach cancer in the
United States, Japan, and other nations." Pg636

"... epidemiological studies have shown that when people migrate from one
area to another, their disease patterns tend to adjust to that of the
country to which they migrate.  A 1968 study on the offspring of Japanese
migrants to the United States showed that their stomach cancer rate was
reduced by two thirds, their colon cancer rates tripled, and their rates of
cancer of the pancreas, lung, and leukemia increased.  These changes in
cancer patterns were all in the direction of matching the comparable cancer
rates for the U.S. white population. " pg 36

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