[Sca-cooks] Burger Battle

Suey lordhunt at gmail.com
Sun Jan 21 08:17:28 PST 2007

Phil Troy wrote: 
> I'm left wondering whether Benavides-Barajas actually  
> used the word "hamburger" . . . or "albondiga" (meatball)
    He calls it "Supremo de carne o hamburgesa andalusi" not 
'albondiga'. He does distinguish the two terms clearly in his books.

Stefan li Rous wrote:
    Who is "Benavides-Barajas"? I don't think I remember his works 
being  discussed here before.

L. Benavides-Barajas is a Spanish specialist in historical gastronomy. 
He has contributed to several European magazines, gastronomy guide books 
and cookery books such as the second edition of "Dinner Party Book" and 
"Let's Lunch in London" by Corrine Streich. Also he has written for La 
Cronica de Granada, The Reporter and the Daily Telegraph. In Spain he is 
known for his publications such as "Nueva-Clasica Andalusi",  "La 
Alhambra," "Los mozárabes y muladies," "Al-Andalus, la cocina y su 
historia" and other historical cookery books on various areas in 
Al-Andalus. He provides historical information and recipes some of  
which are obviously modernized versions of Huici's Spanish translation 
of the 13th C Hispano-Arabic manuscript. His work is interesting and 
informative but as indicated  he looses credibility for his failure to 
cite his sources.

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