[Sca-cooks] jetro/rest. depot

Maggie MacDonald maggie5 at cox.net
Sun Jan 21 14:09:30 PST 2007

At 04:58 AM 1/21/2007,Elaine Koogler said something like:
>We also have a Restaurant Depot (Jetro) here...but it's too far away for me
>to make a casual trip up there to check prices for this list...but to give
>you an idea of what meat prices are there...I will be doing roast leg of
>lamb for my Middle Eastern feast in February...I will get boneless leg of
>lamb for about $2.79 per pound...which is about $2.00 less than it is in the

I don't go down there to browse either, I check it via the website. If it's 
truly outstanding then I'll wander over. They aren't far, but their hours 
can be inconvenient for my hausfrau schedule.
Check to see if you can do that too?  I've found that once you cross 
reference stuff, there's even aisle references for the items so you can get 
through the store (kind of) faster.

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