[Sca-cooks] Burger Battle

Sue Clemenger mooncat at in-tch.com
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<raised eyebrow> Are you serious? *snigger*  Even after almost 30 years
(yikes!) since I took History of Civilization and Latin I as a college
freshman, I remember things as a wee bit more complex than that....
p.s.  Please snip your posts a bit more!

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>     It is really quite simple. First of all the Roman's introduced
> everything to all of Europe but in Spain at least the Vandals and the
> Visigoths were barbarians who overthrew Spain and forgot all that. The
> Arabs actually never invented anything but copied the best of all the
> worlds they conquered so they used the Spanish weeds called asparagus
> growing in wild in that country and reintroduced many other Roman
> innovations. They wrote a lot so as hamburgers, they 'invented' them
> when indeed our colleague found the hamburger seems to be documented in
> Roman Isicia.
>     I am with you that hamburger could have been a cave man invention
> but not leftovers until the 20th century when dentistry could prevent
> tooth decay. One of the most ridiculous movies I saw in my life was
> Henry VIII eating roast beef off a bone. Now tell me how is he going to
> do that in the 16th Century when people had few teeth after the age of 20?

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