[Sca-cooks] STOP IT! RE: Yule Celebrations

King's Taste Productions kingstaste at comcast.net
Tue Jan 23 14:32:53 PST 2007

Ok, you guys have had your fun, we all know the lines.  
Move along people, nothing to see here.  
trying desperately to think of some appropriate food comment that doesn't
involve Spam...

> > >Because the last one was The Salmon Mousse.  <cough>  <choke>  <die>
> > >
> > >Selene
> >
> > But I didn't have any of the mousse... :-|
> >
> > 'Lainie
>My brother was bit by a moose once...

Was he carving his initials into it with a sharpened toothbrush?

'Lai- er, Maire  > > > > > 

Mind you, moose bites can be very nastye.

niccolo difrancesco
(I've never seen anything quite like a moose.)

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