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Wed Jan 24 06:00:18 PST 2007

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Somewhere I had heard that Speculaas was once refered to as Parliament
>From http://hunbee.freeweb.hu/history.htm
 *At the Capital of Province Pannonia of the Roman Empire (western part of
the present Hungary), what is named Aquincum, the archeologists have found
shapes for parliament-cake making.
 *In 1015, the parliament-cake makers (pistardus) were mentioned on the
papers of Monastery of Pecsvarad. Also some skeps were mentioned on the
warrant of the Abbey of Tihany.

De  > > > > > >

A mixed bag, and very useful.  That gives us the use of an implement to make
pistardus, which seems to be similar to the parliament cakes.  It does not,
however give us a date for the useage of the word 'parliament'.

niccolo difrancesco
(and I don't have any reference materials to help out with today)

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