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Please post this to that list as I am not a member.

The way to approach the director is dependant on the personality of the
director. In any case, you should make an appointment and basically offer to
help. Your status as a professional cook and your association with a
Medieval recreation group should make you a valuable resource if he/she is
at all receptive to advice.

If I were to do this, it would go something like this.

"Hi, I'm Bob Smith. I own the Golden Duck restaurant in Nextville. I saw
your promotions for the 1500's feast and was excited. I'm a member of a
local group that recreates Medieval times much like the civil war
recreations and am really excited you are doing a feast from my favorite
time period. I suspect it is too late to help this year, but if you do this
again, I would really like to help you with menus, recipes, and assistance
with the decorations. I have put on many feasts like this for even bigger
groups and would gladly donate my time. I would be willing to teach the
recipes, provide shopping lists, and give your students background
information. I might also be able to arrange some entertainment like bards
singing and telling tales or knights fighting. Or if you like I can put your
Choir director in touch with people who can give him/her authentic music
from the times."

The key would be to be excited, but not pushy. And read how the director is
reacting to what you say. 

In service,
Caelin on Andrede

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