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--On Wednesday, January 24, 2007 1:45 PM -0800 Joshua McCoy 
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> Hi every one
> Hi every one!  I have a bit of an odd question to ask.  Before I ask my
> question I would like to give you all the premises of my question.  I am
> doing research on The Nights Templar for a history book that I will
> eventually have published.  So with me not knowing what to really ask my
> self questions wise to help guide my own research leads me in to my
> question that have for all of you.  My question is, what question do all
> of have that I can use to guide my self in the research on The Nights
> Templar which will be used to wright my history book that will be
> published?

Hi Joshua,

Try going here:


and searching on the string templar. This will give you appropriate links 
in the Medieval Sourcebook: translations of source material about the 
Knights (note the spelling) Templar (or the Knights of the Temple of 
Solomon). There's lots of info on the Templars out on the web (some good, 
some bad), but SCA cooks is probably not the best place to start, since the 
Templars are not renowned for their cooking.

Good luck in your research.

toodles, margaret

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