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Georgia Foster jo_foster81 at hotmail.com
Sun Jan 28 11:56:49 PST 2007

Candlemas happened.   It was a MEAT feast.

My job as event coordinator centered around getting feast out and about.  My 
co-cook and I had a miscommunication, so we ended up with two pork roasts 
done in two different fashions, but it was all well.  Joel, though he felt 
unable to attend the event; something about riding for an hour in the 
vehicle, bouncing up and down on his wallet shaped bruise did not appeal to 
him and one can hardly blame him for that (Feel free to ask me about that if 
you are curious); did prepare the antelope for me, and it was well received 
by folks who generally don’t eat wild critter.

My Knight, whose home this happened to happen in, decided at the last moment 
that the feast would not be buffet style, but instead would be served out.  
This added to the complexity, as the dishes cooked were not set up as to be 
served out.   What we had was a selection of meats and several starches and 
vegetables, but the one was not generally designed to coordinate with, 
compliment, or accompany the other.   Here is what we did:

First remove; egg bread (from the book that accompanied the latest bread 
maker) and chicken with mushroom soup – loosely based on the Celtic 
Cookbook, (Epona).

Second remove; smoked beef in merlot sauce, pork braised in raspberry wine, 
pasta in cream sauce with leeks, and carrots in butter and brown sugar.

Third remove;  antelope roasted with white zinfandel and herbs, deep fried 
pork roast with blackberry brandy, shrimp with garlic and onion in sherry 
(thanks to this list for the idea), and brown rice (Uncle Ben’s).

Afters was table-built tarts.  That is a brown sugar shortbread cookie 
(Goode Cookery, online) topped with custard (same source – also called 
boiled custard though one never actually allows it to come to the boil) and 
cooked berries (Her Artemisian Highness is allergic to raw fruits and 

Credit was given to those from whom the recipes were lifted as they were 
served and copies of the pages were available to those who wanted to see 
what was in what.

Everything was good, and there was LOTS of everything.   Diners were warned 
ahead of time to pace themselves.  Still … there were leftovers.  ‘s OK … I 
don’t have to cook for the next few days.

Note to self … I am NOT doing this next year.  Oh ... who am I kidding



Jo (Georgia L.) Foster
jo_foster81 at hotmail.com

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